Hello there! I’m Onye?CA. ‘Onye’ in the Igbo language means ‘who’. In response to ‘onye?’, I reply with my initials: CA.

Who am I?

iNdiVIDual, IMpErfect

I am on a journey to find myself as an individual, artist and designer. What about you? Do you know who you are yet?




Product Design


My Thoughts about Design

Design provides a platform with which problems of any kind can resolved either through careful and detailed ideation or even improvisation. I believe a design, product or system’s success is defined by: whether it has solved the problem and how the user feels about it.

Is there meaning in the design? Does the user find meaning in the design? Does the user understand and enjoy the product? These are the things I think about when I sketch, paint, crochet. I enjoy creating things that build a connection between the user and the design itself. My interests and experience in art, design and engineering have reinforced my desire to become a professional user-centric designer.

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